"Don't buy another NFT or invest in one without reading this handbook first!"

The Complete Guide to Tackling Common Web3 Scams

The truth about the NFT Industry revealed

Why Everyone Should Learn the Pitfalls of NFT

Ever noticed how the media suddenly made NFT a buzzing trend? Everyone and their family/friends talk about buying NFT and flipping for an insane amount of money.

Indeed, you can make money with NFTs but many resources only present the good side of the industry. You know, buying an expensive JPG and then selling it for even higher. But is there really a catch?

Yes, but everything has a risk and you need to minimize those risks.

Rugpulls are becoming more frequent and scammers are trying to manipulate you in NFT.

Let’s put it this way, would you rather invest $15.95 to learn how to avoid scammers and audit NFT projects? Or, continue with a get rich quick, fear-of-missing-out mindset only to lose 2 ETH (~thousands of dollars) from a blunder because you weren’t aware of scams?

You got to be on top of scams out there (sort of like updating your anti-virus software periodically).

We’re here to help protect and grow your hard earned money….

Many resources and experts hide the fact that you can also lose a lot of money. In fact, most new to the NFT space will be victims of scams and not be aware of them. As such, it might leave an unfavorable impression in the Web3/NFT space.


“We are living more and more increasingly in a digital landscape, and NFTs become assets to communicate who you are

Gary Vee - NFT Influencer


Nothing like this on the market...

Very few NFT resources are out there to "protect" your money.
Sure, other resources might devote a paragraph or two on scams.
This digital handbook is one of the rare gems that mainly focuses on how to avoid common scams and blunders in this industry.

The current bear market climate is the perfect time to protect ourselves for the next bull run...

What you will learn in the ebook

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June 2022

What you will learn about the type of tricks, manipulations, and scams in the NFT industry will shock you!

Learn scams even experienced NFT investors fall for
Screenshots and examples of real-life scams
FREE updates whenever we add more tips/techniques
The true use of NFTs and how to take advantage
Printable actionable investment checklist
Glossary of common NFT terms

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Printable NFT Strategy Guide (checklist)

You will get the eBook + NFT Actionable Checklist (FREE).
Since NFT and Crypto prices are low, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the NFT space. Do so as an intelligent investor savvy enough to avoid scams.

Disclaimer: this product is intended to be for educational purposes only. Getting results in any form of investments are a risk and require diligent research to get steady results. We don’t guarantee any results, profits, sales, and you should know that you will be responsible for that risk. We do, however, offer strategies and tips to reduce those risks.